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Lindy Venustus, CFP®

Growing up, my parents didn’t talk about money. All I knew was that we didn’t have very much. They would comment on how things were a financial strain, but never discussed the details. And they certainly didn’t teach me about budgeting or the responsible use of credit cards. In later years they’ve expressed that they should have been “more responsible.” I feel this is a common story.

My personal life experiences along with my professional growth has given me a perspective on financial planning that allows me not to judge. I do my best to empathize and coach. If you’ve had questions about money, but felt there was no one to answer them unless you already had a pile of it, you were probably right—until now.

I’ve been helping people change the financial planning stigma since 2002. I believe everyone deserves answers to their money questions. That is why I started Create Financial Planning. I got tired of my employers allowing me to keep my name on their business card by bringing in  a certain number of dollars, selling the “right” products, and working with the “right” people. I saw this as an injustice and I wanted to help individuals with real questions. I wanted to serve people—not big companies.

Financial planning can be gross, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to help people who truly deserve it. People who are positive and kind, seeking honest advice, and are generally good savers. By changing the focus from filling the pockets of big firms, to the individual needs of the clients, we will create a life and future for them we can both feel good about.

That’s why I’m here, and I hope that’s why you are here too.