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What You – the Star – will Experience

It’s all about you, it’s more than a plan, it’s a living biography. You are the author. We are the editors. It’s your story. It’s your character development, your motivation, your why, your drive, your dream, your action! It’s an interactive experience and you are writing your life as we discover what matters most, how to prioritize, and how to create the best version of your life.

Read the Jacket

The acknowledgements all go to you. You make your story work by honestly looking at what is coming in, what you owe, what your life costs, dreaming, setting goals, doing one or two things a month, and crossing stuff off your list. Before you know it, you’ve accomplished so much and you are feeling great and celebrating not only adulting (at any age), but feeling confident, and at ease.

The Mystery

A good thriller doesn’t reveal who done it until the end. In your life, you want to prepare for the what if, and plan for the best. Let’s avoid acting with unchangeable consequences. And let’s enjoy the story of your life as you write it.
We won’t keep it a mystery that we will look at anything that could be a plot twist for you: Comfort with risk and helping you align, help you open accounts and invest, but don’t have to, you can do it yourself. We’ll review all the types of insurance you have or are available to you – remember I’m a fee only planner and I don’t sell insurance, so all that’s in it for me is knowing you are protected, and you don’t have something you don’t need. It feels smart being tax savvy, doing estate planning, and discussing business creation or business succession plans. The work that we do is ongoing and evolving. We don’t have a lock in period we have to work together, I’d love to work together forever, but if we start with a four-month goal, you will feel like you really have your stuff together. I help people get “stuff” done!

Book Club Questions

Why aren’t more firms dedicated to the arts, artisans, entrepreneurs, and start up employees?
How would it feel to have a professional help you formulate a plan for your ideal future?
Why are there so many stockbrokers yelling about performance when what I want is a financial partner that appreciates my dreams?

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